A Weiss and Son of London surgeon's medical amputation saw

This Weiss and Son amputation saw is an absolutely superb if somewhat macabre piece. Well used. It displays wonderfully.

The company was founded in 1787 by John Weiss*, and received much recognition, including a Royal Warrant for his inventiveness and craftsmanship, being appointed “Razor Makers to the King” by William IV, and many of his instruments bore the Royal Arms on the handles.

The company’s first catalogue was published in 1823 , with Weiss and Son forming in 1831. This piece dates to around that time, being marked as such (Weiss and Son).

It’s interesting for the collector to note that in 1888, Weiss surgical knives were used by the serial killer, Jack the Ripper. Earlier, in 1882, they were the silent weapons of choice for the Phoenix Park assassins in Dublin.

Beautiful in any collection.



All approximate

Length 35.5cm max

Width 10cm max


*Interestingly, Weiss had a morbid fear of being buried alive, and to guard against this eventuality fashioned an instrument to penetrate his heart when his coffin was closed. Detailed instructions to this end were left in his will. John Weiss died on 26 December 1843 and was buried in the churchyard of St Nicholas' Church, Brighton with his surgeon Benjamin Vallance in attendance to carry out his wishes.



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