A Victorian Two Worlds Ltd fortune teller's cased crystal ball

This piece is as rare as they come: an original, potent ‘Two Worlds Ltd’ crystal ball, in its original velvet lined case (to prevent unintended ‘seeing’), complete with a petite and beautifully detailed lion paw stand to display it on when in use. It also has its thick black velvet cloth so the ball can be covered over. The original instructions for use are also included (it's exceptionally unusual to have these), and only blurred here to avoid reproduction; they are in excellent order.

The Two Worlds Publishing Company was founded in Manchester in 1887 to produce their flagship periodical, The Two Worlds.

From its inception until 1892, the famed actress and Spiritualist Emma Hardinge Britten acted as editor. It claimed to be a journal "devoted to Spiritualist, Occult Science, Ethics, Religion and Reform."

Two Worlds catered to those hungry for esoteric knowledge. By the turn of the century, Two Worlds had begun offering their own brand name spirit-communication tools for aspiring home mediums, including dial plates, planchettes and gazing crystals.

It is spine tingling and oh-so thrilling to think of the life of this crystal ball across approximately 120 years (the glass is rippled and with inclusions creating strange distortions). A magical piece.

A simply beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one, which will grace any collection.


All approximate

Case W 8cm x D 8cm x H 6cm

Ball approximately 5cm

Stand W 14cm x H 2cm


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