A large oriental Country House wool rug by Blackwood Morton

An exceptional, early 20th Century, country house carpet. It is square, beautifully patterned and extremely large. It is made from 100% wool and advertised as ‘Mothproofed for life’ with a jute reverse.

It was created by a top quality maker: Blackwood, Morton & Sons Ltd of Kilmarnock (*see below). As featured in the Historic Houses Trust.




310cm x 274cm

10ft x 9ft


Condition: Where there are specific points to note we will detail these as far as possible but please be aware that all our items have wear commensurate with age and are as seen in the photographs. If you require any specific information please do not hesitate to get in contact. Please note: the central crease is from storage and will fall out over time when laid flat.

* Kilmarnock in Scotland was a centre for the weaving of Ingrain or Scotch carpets since the late 18th century. By the beginning of the 20th century only one firm remained, and in 1908 it was taken over by William Blackwood and Gavin Morton who formed Blackwood Morton & Sons of Kilmarnock (BMK). Manufacture of Art Squares and Scotch Carpeting continued but was supplemented by a range of reversible Chenille wool rugs. In 1932, the old plant was scrapped and a new plant constructed with manufacturing concentrating on Spool and Chenille Squares, piece goods, and rugs for the mid-priced market. At about the same time it took over the famous British Wilton producer, Cooke Sons & Co. BMK was at the forefront of industry developments, mothproofing its carpets well before it became industry standard in the mid 1950s.


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