A large collection of weathered seashells and coral

A stunning, very large and wonderfully worn true antique collection of shells and coral pieces.

There is a large variety of shells here, from tiny to the largest being a clam shell at 25cm width.

These would make the most stunning display in a one or more cases, glass domes or scattered. We keep ours in our wunderkammer.

The shells are worn and weathered and have some losses, but display beautifully. So romantic.


Dimensions: (approx.)

For scale:

Mother of pearl cone shell/tronchus 11.5cm height

Double frilled clam shell 13cm width

Largest clam shell 25cm width

Please note: only the shells are included, no other props, stands, bowls etc.


Condition: Where there are specific points to note we will detail these as far as possible but please be aware that all our items have wear commensurate with age and are as seen in the photographs. If you require any specific information please do not hesitate to get in contact. 


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