A Dutch Roadster ladies bicycle by Royal Super Deluxe

We have absolutely no experience with bikes so we are selling this bike as not working and in need of full renovation and restoration.

We bought this bike because of its awesome good looks. It’s rusty perfection!

The frame appears sturdy and has been rubbed back to smooth by a previous owner, so some blue and white is visible with various glorious rusty tones.

What we know:

Maker’s badge shows this is a ‘Royal De Luxe manufactured by Super Royal De Luxe’.

We aren’t sure where this originates, but the frame is almost identical to Roadster and Raleigh models, as early as 1910s/20s.

It has several South East Asian parts- a working ‘Wing’ rear wheel bike lock with key (it also has a front wheel steering lock integrated with the frame but this is unlocked and there is no key), Ramola handlebars, Elephant dynamo headlamp (not currently working as it’s not wired), Swallow tyres that look new/unused with Woods/Dunlop valves etc. These are currently nicely inflated and staying so! Some parts of the bike, like the circular tin chain guard, look home made. Comes with a kickstand and rear rack. The ‘sweet sound bright chrome’ crank bell has a great ring!

We actively encourage you to collect this yourself so you can see/test ride the bike yourself, though we will pass it to a courier if you decide on this option.

My husband has ridden this bike and everything moves/works! It absolutely needs work however! Not least of all to be sure it’s safe.

All this said, it is one fine looking bike and in the hands of the right person who knows what they’re doing, it will be pretty magical. A real stunner!



All approximate:

length 194cm overall

handle height 107cm (lowest point- we don’t know if this will adjust up or may be seized)

seat height currently 90cm (lowest point- we don’t know if this will adjust up or may be seized)

Wheel rim diameter 25.5”


Condition: Where there are specific points to note we will detail these as far as possible but please be aware that all our items have wear commensurate with age and are as seen in the photographs. If you require any specific information please do not hesitate to get in contact. 


Collection only

Please note: This item/s cannot be shipped but we have an excellent and competitive bespoke courier service. Please email us for more information or a quote. 

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