A carved wood African Bamum mask from Cameroon

This is a show-stopping carved wood and beaded mask from the Bamum or Bamileke People of Cameroon.

This tourist piece dates from between the 1950s and the 1970s.

The Bamum facial features are exaggerated, with bulging eyes, a flattened nose topping a laughing mouth.

Beadwork is an essential element of Bamum/Bamileke Art and what distinguishes them from other regions of Africa. It is an art form that is highly personal in that no two pieces are alike and are often used in dazzling colours that catch the eye. They may be an indication of status based on what kinds of beads are used.

Bead work utilized all over on wooden masks is a technique that is unique only to the Cameroon grasslands.

A very large piece for any collection or interior.



All approximate

44cm length


Condition: Where there are specific points to note we will detail these as far as possible but please be aware that all our items have wear commensurate with age and are as seen in the photographs. 

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